EMBRACE: Diversity & Inclusion in Action

EMBRACE: Diversity & Inclusion in Action

Our world is populated by a rich gathering of races, genders, ethnicities, and identities that add flavor to our everyday life. From those with special needs, to the LGTBQ community, OnlyGood.tv will salute the ever growing population of Diverse individuals making a huge difference in the world. Don’t miss the new series The Creation of Us with Trans-Activist Aydian Dowling and his wife Jenilee, as it explores this unique couple, their relationship, and the upcoming event that will change their lives forever.

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EMBRACE: Diversity & Inclusion in Action
  • Inclusion Films

    Inclusion Films, started by veteran filmmaker Joey Travolta (brother of actor John Travolta) in 2007, is a teaching studio for aspiring filmmakers with developmental disabilities.

  • The Creation Of Us Episode 4

    On The Creation of Us series, Aydian Dowling and his wife Jenilee take us through their journey of pregnancy. In Episode 4, Aydian throws a surprise baby shower for Jenilee that left her shocked and emotional! Grab your tissues and watch!

  • Littlest Warrior

    Inspired by their son Eli who has Down Syndrome, Eric and Michelle Sullivan started "Littlest Warrior Apparel" to spread joy, awareness, and inclusion!

  • Air Hollywood

    Air Hollywood is the world's largest aviation-themed entertainment studio, but that's not the only feature that makes it special. Every year, for one night only, Air Hollywood opens its hangar to the public for a special event called Open Sky for Autism, where experts provide hands-on assistance ...

  • Dudeoir Extraordinaire

    Joshua Varozza is a bail bondsman by day and a male model by night, but he's not your typical male model. Joshua is a dudeoir (dude + boudoir) model; he mimics sexy poses in his underwear in order to promote inner beauty and masculine femininity, support awareness for wounded military members, an...

  • Blake's Snow Cone Shack

    At just 20-years-old, Blake Pyron is Sanger, Texas' youngest business owner. He also happens to have Down Syndrome. The former Sanger High School football captain and Prom King opened Blake's Snow Shack, because of his passion for flavored ice. Blake became the only business owner in the state of...

  • The Creation of Us Episode 3

    In Episode 3 of The Creation of Us, Aydian Dowling and his wife Jenilee take us through their journey of pregnancy. Aydian and Jenilee do pre-natal yoga and go shopping for all the baby stuff they will need. Aydian talks about what it means to be seen and thought of as a “Dad” and if this was som...

  • Geek Club Books

    Jonathan Murphy is a Bay Area actor and voice-over artist who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at age 13. Thanks to his Mom Jodi, who founded Geek Club Books, Jonathon is able to share his experiences growing up on the spectrum, while creating awareness for Autism in an inspirational and ente...

  • The Creation Of Us Episode 2

    In Episode 2 of The Creation of Us, Aydian Dowling and his wife Jenilee take us through their life during the beginning months of her pregnancy.

  • Asperger's Author and His Blonde Angel

    Alex Fichetti is an inspiring man who loves his life and loves his job, but he has Asperger's Syndrome. Alex has not allowed his "label" to prevent him from fully engaging in life and the community in Ridgefield, CT. In fact, he wrote a children's book titled "The Lonesome Boy and the Blonde Hair...

  • Caterers With A Social Mission

    Ratatouille and Company is the brainchild of two women, who each left their careers to follow a dream related to food. The catering company's mission: to train and employ refugee women who are eager to establish new, fulfilling lives in their new homes.

  • Autism On The Seas

    A Royal Caribbean cruise changed this Texas family's life forever. Kim and Jason Ansley have two children, 6-year-old Jakob and 11-year-old Kaleb, who has non-verbal autism. When Kim heard about Autism on the Seas, she applied for a dream Royal Caribbean Cruise for her family. Watch this family's...

  • Joy Story Wedding Part 1

    Adam Keller and Jared Marinelli became an Internet sensation when Adam choreographed the perfect flashmob wedding proposal that ended up going viral!
    Fast–forward 18 months and both Adam and Jared (#TeamJadam) have finally reached the next chapter of their story – married life! And now comes th...

  • Joy Story Wedding Part 2

    Adam Keller and Jared Marinelli had possibly the most "viral" engagement ever. And now that they've sealed the deal, Adam and Jared have generously invited us all to join in their 'Joy Story' yet again by watching the second installment of their incredible wedding video!

  • The Creation Of Us Episode 1

    In Episode 1 of The Creation of Us, Aydian Dowling takes us through his experiences growing up and the realities and complicated choices he was faced with. As a young adult, Aydian makes several key decisions that put him on the path to entrepreneurship and becoming a role model for his generatio...